Height Chart Wall Sticker Decals

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Removable height chart wall sticker decals featuring bunny rabbit Boo and his red balloon.

"Have I grown?" asked Boo

A lovely way for you and your child to see them grow. The Bow height markers can be written on to mark the date and height so you needn't write on the wall sticker itself.

These self-adhesive stickers are printed onto an award-winning, durable, woven polyester fabric which can be stuck to virtually any flat surface in the home. It leaves no sticky residue, it won't shrink or curl and it even wraps around corners.

There's no skill required to put it up and you can take it down, store it on the provided backing paper, re-decorate then use it again; making it perfect for your home and nursery. The stick is long lasting so you can use it again and again (for approximately 3-4 years).

126cm x 47cm

1 sheet of 3 stickers + 21 height marker stickers.

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