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A children's lifestyle brand capturing the magic of childhood imagination, joy, and whimsical adventures in every design.

Hand made quilted pot from Belle and Boo fabrics

It is the kind of fabric that would have had my mother and grandmother, who had both worked in the trade, cooing. The design is the most charming I have seen for a long time.

Girl under Mermaid Duvet from Belle and Boo Fabric

My order arrived today, I am thrilled to bits with them and the speed of delivery. You will definitely be hearing from me again.
Thank you, so glad I found you.


I have used Belle and Boo fabric for both hand and machine sewing for a while now and think it is of an exceptional quality. Not only does it have the wonderful Belle and Boo images but it is lovely to work with.


The design is the most charming I have seen for a long time. It reminds me of the illustrations by Molly Brett that I used to collect when I was small.

Reassuringly traditional

Tiny worlds for big imaginations

Create a magical new interior space for your child by combining wallpaper, accessories and illustrated fabric from the same theme or choose a single cut of fabric from many different designs to tailor make into your own special gifts.

From budding ballerinas to forest friends, fairy tales and unicorns, pirates and jungle adventures, you’ll find our timeless children’s illustrations and designs have something to bring lasting memories to all, whatever it is they love.


I absolutely adore this collection. There are so many beautiful illustrations and prints that create a wonderful sense of magic and cosiness in a light and airy way.

Bonita Turner, Editor of JUNIOR

Absolutely beautiful wallpaper designs - that adults will also like to have for nostalgic reasons - as well as their little ones!

Jakki Jones, Artist and Talent PR, @jakkidoodles

I know someone who would love those toadstool lamp shades! Just gorgeous.

Margherita from @shopmaison_m

Junior Design Awards - Winner of SILVER in Best Children's Interior Brand 2021

The whole collection is so beautiful. Timeless, classic childhood décor with a few lovely twists that will be remembered fondly forever.

Eleonore Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior

Really lovely. They do have a magical feel to them… I think they look how a childhood should if that makes sense!? (I have a strong case of baby brain today!)

Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and mother of three

Always so timeless, gentle, intricate and fun.

Lisa Stickley, Artist, designer, author and children’s illustrator
A world of imagination

Where Children Can Be Children

Belle and Boo is an independent lifestyle company specialising in children's prints and patterns. For over 10 years we have been designing and illustrating in-house in our studio in Bristol, UK.

We are also an award winning brand in traditional children’s room décor. Enable your little one to dream big with our enchanting children’s fabric, nostalgic homewares and illustrated children’s wallpaper.

Belle & Boo encapsulates a childhood of simple pleasures: sloshing in puddles and crunching through leaves, fluttering kites and tiny tea parties, blowing dandelion clocks and building sandcastles. It’s a world of friendship and fun, balloons and rainbows, princesses, knights and mermaids.

It’s a world where a little imagination leads to big dreams.