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About Us

My name is Kate; I’m the Co-Founder of Belle & Boo and a Mum of two girls. Like most parents today, I’m very aware of the fast-paced world we now find ourselves in where technology is a big part of our lives and, like many parents, I regularly battle the screen balance with my girls. Looking back at my own childhood, I see how lucky I was to have so much freedom to play, where children had less choice and perhaps a somewhat simpler life, filled with the magic of make-believe games and endless hours outside with friends.

Belle & Boo represent this life. Through whimsical illustrations of children and animals, we have created a world where imaginations are encouraged to flourish, where friendships blossom and kindness comes first. With our traditional children’s fabrics, room accessories and enchanting nursery décor, we hope to remind children to continue to play imaginatively; to inspire them to get outside and examine the patterns on a leaf or count the time on a dandelion clock; to pretend; to dress up; to interact with wildlife; to hold a teddy bears picnic; to splash through puddles and to climb trees.

A decade on and I’m so proud that Belle & Boo is now an award winning brand in children’s room décor which suggests that other parents and grandparents share the values so close to the heart of the business and want to pass that on.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your little one’s space with our children’s wall art or use some of our organic fabric for your own craft or dressmaking project, I hope that my passion behind this business, together with the beautiful illustrations ignites your imagination and that you go on to share Belle & Boo’s world with your children and theirs.