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About Us

Behind Belle & Boo

Thank you for stopping by.
I personally really enjoy reading about who is behind a company that I love, so I have taken a moment to share our story.  
I’m Kate, Belle & Boo’s co-founder and Managing Director. Eleven years ago, I arranged to meet my incredibly talented and wonderful friend Mandy Sutcliffe for a cup of tea, in hope that she would allow me to help her create a world where her whimsical drawings of children could be enjoyed by others.
In less than one year of forming a partnership, I fell pregnant with my first daughter and the world of Belle & Boo felt even closer to my heart. 
Together, Mandy and I aspired to create a place where children’s imaginations were allowed to run riot, where friendships were forged and kindness was paramount– all values that I held dear as I was navigating my own way through early motherhood. Both Mandy and I had two children in the years that came to follow.
In today’s fast paced world where technology and screens form a large part of all of our lives, our passion is to offer the perfect antidote to parents who are trying to recreate the freedom of their own youth or one they simply wish for their child.
Looking back, I see how lucky I was to have a childhood with so much freedom to play, where our imaginations were filled with stories of pirates and tea parties rather than computer games and TV shows.
It’s important to us that our stories and gifts also inspire children to get outside and interact with nature. Whether it’s encouraging meaningful relationships between children and animals, or inspiring kids to climb trees, jump in puddles or have teddy bear picnics outside, is something fundamental to the Belle and Boo narrative and something we’re so passionate about passing on to parents and children all around the world.  
We hope that our passion as much as Mandy's art inspires your imagination and that you go on to share our world with your children and their friends.