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Free Sewing Pattern! Make a Belle and Boo Picnic Blanket.

On Saturday May 6th, 2023, the Coronation Ceremony for King Charles III will commence and represent a confirmation of the monarch's new role in the eyes of the public. Whether you're looking forward to watching the entire ceremony, catching a glimpse of the 17th century St. Edwards Crown, trying the Coronation Quiche (the official recipe can be found here!), or are just looking forward to being able to relax and enjoy the springtime sun on the coronation bank holiday, the date is a cause for celebration across the UK. 
Belle & Boo has commemorated the occasion through the release of our Royal Coronation collection of fabrics and postcards. Our three beautiful Royal fabrics - Royal Patchwork, Kings and Queens, and Coronational Celebration - are all made from the 100% organic cotton poplin that Belle & Boo is known for, and the possibilities of what they can be turned into to help you celebrate this historic event are endless. 

In case you're looking for ideas, our three royal fabrics could be turned into things like table cloths or runners, napkins, dresses, aprons, capes, bunting, or cushions, but this post will walk you through how to make a Coronation Picnic Blanket.
We love the idea of having a Coronation Picnic, be it with friends and family or simply with some teddies, and are delighted to share with you this freebie sewing pattern of how to make your own homemade regal picnic blanket using our fabrics as well as store bought fleece.

Coronation Picnic Blanket Tutorial

You'll Need


Step 1: Cut the Royal Patchwork fabric into a rectangle measuring 62 1/2 inches x 48 inches.

Cut fabric to size

Step 2: Cut and neaten the edges of the blanket, so it's size matches the fabric and is 62 1/2 inches x 48 inches.

Trim blanket to size

Step 3: Place the fabric and fleece blanket 'right sides' together and pin.

right side facing, pin the pieces together

Step 4: Sew around the edge with a 1/2 inch seam allowance making sure to leave an 8 inch gap to turn out the blanket.

sew around edge

Step 5: Turn the right side out through the 8 inch gap and push out corners.

Step 6: Carefully fold the edge of the turning gap inside and then iron flat.


Step 7 (Last step - you're almost there!): Topstitch around the blanket close to the edge.

sew the edges

Ta-Da. You're finished!



coronation picnic with blanket and bunting


This tutorial was created by the lovely Kate Webber and a video tutorial for this pattern can be found on her Instagram account.

We hope that no matter how you find yourself celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III (even if that means not celebrating at all!) you find yourself surround by friends and family and maybe even Belle and Boo! If they do find their way into your celebrations with through a blanket made from this pattern or any other creative use of our fabrics, we would love to see! Any photos of your Belle & Boo creations can be shared with us through our Instagram @belleandboo.

Until next time and with many thanks, 
The Belle & Boo team