Imaginative Ideas for Children’s Bedroom Decor | Belle & Boo

Imaginative Ideas for Children’s Bedroom Decor | Belle & Boo

If refreshing your little ones’ bedroom decor is on your to-do list and you’re searching for inspiration, you’re in the right place!

We’re firm believers that a child’s bedroom should be a place full of magic and wonder. Somewhere they can escape on whatever kind of adventure takes their fancy. A place to get lost in storyland and dream sweet dreams. And so, our collection of children’s wallpapers and bedroom accessories is characterised by our signature air of enchantment and nostalgia. 

You’ll find a whole host of kids’ bedroom themes within our collection. Each one features unique illustrations that never fail to capture little imaginations and put smiles on faces – young and old. Whether you’re creating a space for a budding ballerina, a wannabe pirate, a fairy-tale fanatic or a jungle explorer, we have wallpaper, lampshades, beanbags, wall stickers, fabrics and prints that will transform their bedroom from a place to sleep to a place to live their best life!

Read on to discover children’s bedroom decor with a Belle & Boo twist!

Dandelion bedroom decor

Blowing dandelion seeds and making wishes is one of those cherished childhood memories that stays with us forever. Perhaps that’s why our Dandelion bedroom collection is one of our most popular!

This whimsical range features illustrations of Boo bunny floating on fluffy dandelions, and Belle and Boo making their very own wishes – all in a lovely palette of pink and white that’s as perfect for a baby’s nursery as it is for an older child’s bedroom.

Create a dandelion-themed bedroom

Unicorn bedroom decor

Unicorns are everywhere in the world of children’s clothing and home accessories, but we think our take on the ever-popular theme brings something very different to the party. 

You can almost feel the magic exuding from our unique illustrations of girls in floral crowns, rainbows and – of course – some of the most beautiful unicorns we ever did see. This gorgeous collection of unicorn wallpaper, lampshades, beanbags and fabrics comes in the prettiest palette of pastels and coordinates effortlessly with a variety of paint colours, bedding and soft furnishings. 

Create a unicorn-themed bedroom

Jungle bedroom decor

If your little one is as obsessed with nature and animals as we are, they’ll go wild for our jungle-themed collection of wallpaper and bedroom accessories for kids!

Each piece is adorned with timeless illustrations that will take your little explorer into the jungle to spot sleepy sloths, tiny tigers and happy hippos – among others. Which of our roarsome characters will be your child’s favourite?

Create a jungle-themed bedroom

Fairy-tale bedroom decor

If your child loves nothing more than wandering through wonderland, taking tea with a princess or becoming a brave knight, our fairy-tale collection is the perfect backdrop to their escapades. Featuring a tangle of florals alongside unique illustrations inspired by classic stories and nursery rhymes, this enchanting collection of children’s bedroom decor is truly timeless.

Create a fairy-tale themed bedroom

Mermaid bedroom decor

Our illustrator had a splashing time creating a family of mystical mermaids for this range of under-the-sea bedroom decor! The charming collection is sure to conjure up daydreams of frolicking with fishes, swimming with seahorses and counting colourful shells.

Create a mermaid-themed bedroom

Woodland bedroom decor

Follow Boo bunny through forest ferns, woodland flowers and tiny toadstools to meet new friends! Our Midnight Forest collection of bedroom decor brings together intricate illustrations of flora and fauna in rich, autumnal colours for a ditsy-style bedroom they’ll love for years to come.

Create a woodland-themed bedroom

Ballet bedroom decor

Creating a bedroom for a tiny dancer? They’ll jeté for joy when they see Belle, Boo and friends donning their tutus and dancing across our pretty pink wallpaper, bean bags and bedroom accessories!

Create a ballet-themed bedroom

We hope you’ll find inspiration within these collections to create the bedroom of your little one’s dreams. But there’s plenty more to tickle your fancy in our shop, including friendly dinosaurs, brightly coloured balloons and sandcastle-scattered beaches!

Why not browse our entire collection of children’s bedroom themes?