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Inspiring children to connect in creative ways…

As I have watched my two girls finding ways to nurture their friendships during the lockdown, I have been pleased to see that although using video chats on phones or computers are certainly very popular they have been finding more creative ways to use technology as well as some more traditional ways
to let their friends know that no matter how far apart, true friends are close at heart.
Here are some of the ways in which they have been connecting that your children might want to try...

Write a card to your friends...

How about bringing back the excitement of receiving something in the mail!
It’s also a great way for your child to express how they are feeling and share them with a close friend.
We have a great range of cards and postcards which would be perfect to send -
choose one you think your friends will love the most!


Collaborating on a Story…

This was really fun and my girls loved it! Write the start to a story and then post it or e-mail it a friend asking them to write the next part off the story and then they send it on and so on…. Until it finally comes back to you, it’s like waiting for the next episode of a really great TV show. Depending on the age of your little one it can be as simple or as detailed as they are able to make it.

If your children are slightly older you can just send them the last line of your paragraph/verse and then they have to send it on to another friend with their last line and so on… when the last person has finished all the verses are gathered up and put together…

You have just created the oddest story that was ever written....

See if you can get your children to illustrate it, too.

Doing activities together online

 What about a treasure hunt with some friends?

Create a list of common objects that you and your friends will have and set off on an adventure to find them! Who can find them the quickest?

Make A Friends Paper Chain

Paper chains have been around for years and are such fun to create. To make an easy 'friends' paper chain, cut a piece of paper into a long, vertical strip. Then, fold the strip accordian-style so that the folded side alternated from right to left. From there, draw the outline of your friend onto the paper, but make sure their hands end at the papers edge. Then, colour in and name your friends along the chain and hang them in your room! You could even colour yourself in on the chain, then post it to your friend for them to to do the same. They can post it to the next friend and so on until the chain is complete!

It's a lovely thing to talk about before they go to bed, you can start a conversation as to what they think their friends have been doing today.

If you think your little one would enjoy it, why not try colouring in a paper chain that we have created, too!

Download our free 'Paper Chain Friends' colouring in sheet or take a look at our new Friendship Activity Kit download.

There's so much to do in there, all about staying connected with friends, including a memory game and friends bingo sheet.

Thank You Mandy

Those of you that know Belle & Boo will know illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe; creator and co-owner. Mandy drew these wonderful illustrations of Belle, Boo and their friends holding hands for our joy-bringing friends kit and paper chain friends art prints. Mandy has her own child paper chain project that inspired this wonderful release.

Take a look at Mandy's Instagram channel to find out more and admire her beautiful illustrations. You could even win the chance for your child or children to be featured in her paper chain!

More details on Mandy's page, click here to hop straight to it.