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Children’s wallpaper: the easy way to transform their bedroom from mundane to magical!

Ah, October: the children are back into the swing of school, the nights are slowly drawing in and there’s a definite sense of Autumn in the afternoon air. This is quite possibly our favourite season; no sooner have we flipped the calendar over than we’re dreaming about crunching through autumn leaves, apple picking and conker hunting.

Often described as ‘nature’s last hurrah’ before the bleak months of winter, autumn is the season that teaches us there’s real beauty to be found in change. Temperatures start to dip, and with that comes the bejewelled grass of frosty mornings and the promise of crisp, sunny days ahead (the best kind of autumn day!). Swifts and swallows get ready to make their long journey south to warmer climes, and birdwatchers eagerly await the arrival of winter visitors, such as redwings and fieldfares. And of course, woodlands and hedgerows burst into glorious hues of golds, russets and amber as the leaves prepare to fall and blackberries, elderberries, rosehips ripen to provide a fruity feast for foragers and wildlife.

This is the time of year when many of us crave transformation in our homes, too. Just as hibernating animals prepare their nests for winter, we humans also turn our attention to spending more time at home and making our surroundings a lovely place to cosy up and spend the colder months! If you’re thinking about refreshing your little one’s bedroom to make it a special place they’ll love spending time, it might surprise (and delight) you to know that you can take their space from uninspired to enchanting with relatively little effort – and in as little as a few hours! Here’s how…

Wallpaper for the win

Yes, we said wallpaper! It’s often thought of as being difficult and time-consuming, but wallpaper can actually be one of the quickest and easiest ways to re-energise a room. 

Children's Jungle Wallpaper by Belle & Boo
Forest Friends Woodland Themed Nursery Wallpaper

The secret is to opt for pre-pasted wallpaper, which is easier to hang and creates a lot less mess than traditional types of wallpaper (music to every busy parent’s ears!). Go for maximum impact by wallpapering all four walls, or create a single feature wall for a quicker and more subtle approach. If you’re going down the feature-wall route and your existing paintwork is already in good condition, you won’t even need to repaint the room – simply choose a wallpaper design that complements the paint palette and you’ll have a fresh look in no time.

When you’re shopping for children’s wallpaper, it can be difficult to find designs that are truly unique and imaginative. There’s a lot of the ‘same old, same old’ out there. In fact, one of the main reasons Belle & Boo exists is because we found ourselves hankering after fabrics and interior accessories we simply couldn’t find on the mass market!

Fairytale wallpaper for children by Belle and Boo

That’s why our collection of pre-pasted wallpaper for kids plays host to a range of whimsical illustrations you won’t find anywhere else. From our nostalgic take on the ever-popular unicorn theme to our timeless Forest Friends wallpaper, you’ll find a design that will captivate your child’s imagination and turn their bedroom into a magical setting for every adventure they dream up!

Time to accessorise

Once you’ve added your chosen wallpaper to the room, a few simple finishing touches is all you need to pull your theme together and complete the look.

If you’ve opted for a wallpapered feature wall, decals are a lovely way of continuing the motif around the painted walls in your room. We offer easy-fit wall stickers to complement many of our printed wallpapers, including our mermaid wallpaper, pirate wallpaper and unicorn wallpaper.

Coordinating fabrics – either in matching prints or accent colours – are a lovely way to soften the look of a space while enhancing the overall theme. Cushions, beanbags and lampshades are all quick wins that require minimal effort and absolutely zero DIY skills! Framed art prints are also relatively easy to install and add an extra touch of charm to any space.

Wallpaper and matching beanbag in Unicorn theme
Unicorn Children's Wall Stickers


Whether you’re dreaming of transforming your child’s bedroom into an enchanted woodland wonderland or an under-the-sea utopia, adding wallpaper and a few accessories can get you there quickly and easily!

Why not browse our themes for some inspiration?